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In the middle of October 2018, one year earlier while the four of us have the opportunity to leave Bangkok to find a short break from working in the city. We all spend time discussing the reasons for the existence of "Issaraphap", exhibition and the future in which direction each of us will continue to journey as Issaraphap, personal work and in the definition of people who work in the design profession.


Throughout the 5 years that we have collaborated on exhibitions as Issaraphap, we have always exchanged views that "What will people get after visiting the exhibition?". From the beginning of the first exhibition in 2016 with the re-design of furniture that we as Thai people have shared memories, the second with finding the definition of craft that varies from the past to the present, the third using coffee cups to invite people looking back to open up new perspectives on common object in our daily life, until the year 2019 with the issue of equality in society through the career of the craftsman who work in furniture factory in the exhibition “belong” - including document of photos that record the story of objects, life, adaptation and independent thinking in the lives of people in society.


These things are caused by our good "intentions". That wants to pass on the thoughts of a group of people who have shared experiences with everyone in society. To have the opportunity to exchange dialogue together through the media exhibited with various methods.


Today, all of our goals remain the same from the first day, we decided that we will give up half of the time to do something that we don't even know what will happen tomorrow. With one hope that the people that have seen our massage may benefit something in life or it may cause something to change for the better in our society. We all know that it may not happen soon or during our lifetime. But we believe that one-day these seeds would probably have bloomed in the age of our children.


The results from discussing and reviewing ourselves that day drive us to a new question "While we have always looked at the big picture of society, what can we do for our professions? what can we do be to help each other move forward? And how can we diversify our thought and good intention to reach more people?" These questions drive us to curate "Survival of Craft - 1989 to 2020 by Suwan Kongkhunthian" exhibition and the book "Suwan Kongkhunthian: Craft Lives" which will be held at ATT19 during this same period.





Motive behind “Survival of Craft - 1989 to 2020 by Suwan Kongkhunthian" exhibition 

and "Suwan Kongkhunthian: Craft Lives" book.


An exhibition by Issaraphap


The "Intention" exhibition is a parallel exhibition of “Survival of Craft - 1989 to 2020 by Suwan Kongkhunthian" exhibition. The exhibition was curated to explain the motive behind the making of "Survival of Craft - 1989 to 2020 by Suwan Kongkhunthian" exhibition and the book "Suwan Kongkhunthian: Craft Lives". Also, to give an audience experience in some part of our journey between four of us and Khun Suwan though a whole year of making that have not shown in ATT19.


Khun Suwan has always said to us that "If you make the exhibition about your story while you are still alive. It means you must have a very brave heart because people who look into it will feel that you are narcissistic. No one is important enough to be on the shelf while breathing."


The intention of our exhibition is to asking someone who important enough to be able to make us listen to. To open their mind and give us a chance to pick up some part of stories of their life. The essence of this exhibition is not intended to glorify one person or to be inspired.


For us anyone who has done only one thing for the rest of their lives until reaching the age of old man, and still doing it in their best. It is a good reason enough for us to explore and study their life which does not matter how great the story is.


Although Khun Suwan has denied us many times. But in the end, both exhibitions were held up. We hope this will be a good starting point for us to looking back to value the importance of the relationship between people. Not only searching for the definition of Thai design through the mastery legacy but sincerely understand him as one human being.

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Bangkok Design Week 2020

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