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Modern Love Exhibition

       The theme for TCDC installation for Bangkok  Design Week 2019 has  been chosen  both  as  a  critically provocative reaction to  genius loci of the  place and in relation to the  overall  theme  of  the event: Fusing Futures. It is located on Kasem San

1  Alley  in  Reno  Hotel, which since its  inception

in   1962 '  s  apart  of  accommodation  was  also

opened for soldiers looking for more adventurous entertainment.


Reno  Hotel  is only  remaining  establishment  of

the kind in soi once occupied  by  many  of  them.

The  project  “honors”  this  legacy by proposing a

love - art motel in a  way fusing the past  and  the  presence, now  however the only encounters one

may experience are with art.  Further   relation  to

theme of Bangkok Design Week can be  found  in  materiality of  installation.  Constructed  fully from concrete blocks designed by PHTAA Living Design 

for   new   façade   of   the  hotel ,  the  installation 

becomes  fully recyclable. The modernist  form  of  bricks  constructs  another  bridge  with  Bangkok

and  hotel past.

       The curvaceous walls of the  installation refer 

to   curtains   of  drive  in   motels  and  create  an

undulating   space ,  which   combined   with   six installations  designed  by  six  different  artists, in deliberately  provocative   manner   explores   the  notions  of  intimacy ,  privacy  and peeping  while  stimulating  indirect  interaction  between  visitors.

The atmosphere of the space inside is strengthen

by the use of  soft  materials such as curtain  and carpet which mute the whole environment.




Wherever it is

Love is natural,

Lust is natural,

Different is natural,

Different ways to reach happiness are natural,

Individual difference is natural.

photography by

PHTAA living design

a day

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Modern Love Exhibition

Bangkok Design Week 2019

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